A Taste of Spring

I am convinced, there is nothing like grilling on a warm Spring day.

Recently, my family and I had our first grill of the year. It was AMAZING. Pictured below, you’ll see my favorite dish of the day.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 11.14.32 AM

Just in case you’re wondering what we had, it was: Broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, and onions seasoned with oil and a sprinkle of garlic powder. OH. MY. GOODNESS was it good!!

Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons. It’s so much easier to eat healthy and enjoy the gorgeous outdoor weather.

What are some of your favorite things about Spring?



It’s been a while. And I apologize.

Life has been way too hectic and it’s finally coming to a more peaceful season.

I’ve been thinking about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. (I kid you not.) I finally feel like I’ve reached a true place of contentment with being single. I’m fulfilled in my relationship with God. I’ve conquered addictions and have grown in the areas I’ve considered to be character flaws. I like who I’ve become. And I’m proud of that fact.

I look back to the person I was two years ago. Heck, even a year ago. I was broken, miserable, crushed, heartbroken, and my self-esteem was in the toilet. Current day, I’m quite content with who I’ve become. I work to keep myself in shape and looking professional, but I’m happy with myself. It’s not about what I weigh or if every piece of hair is in place. Goals are good. Perfection? Not so much.

Lately, I’ve gotten this question of “Are you seeing anyone?” or “Anyone special in your life?” and it makes me want to scream, “I DON’T NEED A MAN TO BE COMPLETE. I AM MY OWN PERSON.” People seem to think if you’re twenty-two and single there is something wrong with you.

I have news for you folks, maybe I’m happier without a man than with one. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get married and have children. I desire the safety and affection found in a loving man’s arms. BUT! That is not what completes me.

I wish people grasped that. And for Pete’s sake, please stop asking me about someone who hasn’t even walked into my life yet and just simply ask how I am. Believe me, I’ll share when the times comes – gladly!

Maybe you’ve been through this before. Well meaning people, who love you and care, think that what you need is a man (or woman if you’re a male reading my blog – welcome!). One of these days, I might just let someone have it.

Until then, you get to hear this friendly fire. I hope you relate!

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 10.50.37 PM


Stressful Situations


I’m in such a funky mood today. From the moment I woke up, to church, to coming home and running some errands…I just haven’t been myself.

I feel like I am under such tremendous stress. My place of work has been rather crazy. The organization I volunteer for has started getting busier. I’m helping out at my church in a few different places. I’m trying to ensure I spend time with my family, all the while trying to take care of things at my investment property.

Oh. My. Word.

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 6.49.01 PM

I feel like my head is just going to start spinning. My heart rate has been up as of late, and it feels rather regular that I am needing to just sit still and breathe. I’ve taken to working out 3 times a week as that has helped lower my stress level, but in doing so, I hurt my ankles and knees. So now I’ve got that added on top of everything else.

I don’t mean to complain, so I apologize if it sounds that way. I just don’t feel like I have enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I need to.

What are some ways you maximize your time? Anything specific you do that helps relieve stress or allows you to see things more clearly?

I could use some advice. =)


Thank God It’s Friday

My deepest apologies for the lack of posts as of late. I can’t even begin to describe the busyness. I’ll do my best though in a future post if you like. :D

For now, let’s jump and dance together as we shout, “TGIF!!”

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 4.39.44 PMI don’t know about you, but I’m loving me some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now I just need to learn the Carlton dance….

I’m in dire need of a day off and relaxation. My body is counting down the days to the sun, a tan, and the beach. For now though, I’ll settle for the fact that I’m 17 minutes away from work ending for the week.

Happy Friday reader! And HAPPY HAPPY WEEKEND!



I recently heard about the #100happydays challenge. I thought it was such a good idea, I had to share!

How often do we say we don’t have time for something? How often do we forget to stop and be thankful for the things that make us happy? How difficult is a picture a day for a little over 3 months to remind ourselves how blessed we really are?

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 8.58.08 PM

This is as simple as taking one picture a day of something that has made you happy. Once posted, just hashtag it with #100happydays.

I encourage you to join this challenge. Let’s all remind ourselves how blessed we really are and add just a little joy to our life and the lives of others.

Have a great one reader!


Tonight, I am wonderfully overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness. Some of you might not consider yourself religious. To be honest, I am not religious either. I believe in relationship with the God of the universe, through His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s not works that get us into Heaven, but rather accepting the sacrifice Jesus made for us on Calvary over 2,000 years ago. But like I said, if you’re not religious but have found yourself here tonight, please, humor me by hearing me out.

As some of you know, I purchased an investment property late last year. I have been making some renovations since. Well, I finally decided that my investment needed a bit of a face paint lift. Now, I’m a first time home owner and what goes along with that is some naivety to what things cost. I had decided what my budget was and then began to get estimates from three different painters. As estimates came back, I was beginning to see that my budget was clearly not enough for these painters. I began praying and asked the Lord to show me who to use, for the price I was looking for. I began cutting things out and sacrificing some things I wanted done in order to lower the price. After talking with my parents, they recommended calling someone they had used in the past who could give us another painter. This would bring me up to three total estimates to choose from. After a few phone calls, I had this last painter come to the home and talk out with me what I’d like to have done.

After he left, I had this sinking feeling that I wouldn’t be able to do this for the price that I had wanted. I left feeling somewhat discouraged, but hopeful.

Well, I received an email about 12 hours later with his estimate. Reader, would you believe me if I told you that he was about $1,500 LESS than the first estimate I received and about $500 LESS than the second estimate I received? Believe it!! Better yet, it included absolutely everything that I wanted to have done. I called him earlier this evening to ask a few more questions. The other estimates included paint, but I figured there was no way this guy’s estimate included it as it was a much better rate AND he was planning to use the highest quality paint that I had already decided I wanted.

I asked him rather sheepishly if that estimate included paint. He responded, “Yes. That estimate includes the paint.” I had to do everything possible to not scream and shout for joy.

God is so faithful reader! I prayed and asked Him for His best and asked for wisdom. He did beyond what I could have thought to ask for. God is SO good!

If you’re in a season where you don’t know what to do or where to go, ask Him. He loves to hear from us, even when we don’t feel that way. Sometimes our emotions don’t speak truth, but He always will. And, if you ever want to chat, you know how to reach me. ;-)

Love to you reader – have a splendid weekend!!

P.s. On top of that great news, we should be seeing 65 degree weather tomorrow. I’ll most definitely be outside, all. day. long. <3